Being a twig of Jesus

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Twig of vine

Jesus Christ described his relationship with his people like a principal vine with twigs. This is talking more than just proximity, but also a matter of dependence. Principal vine has roots are plunged straight into the ground, and from the earth it absorbs everything to make ends meet, both the principal wine or all twigs, whereas twigs do not have roots, so if the twig apart from the principal vine, twigs that will halt obtain juice food, then wither, dry up and die.

As a principal vine, Jesus embedded and merged with God the Father. Jesus likened the principal vine with roots, and the Father as the earth that provides the substance of life to Jesus Christ. Therefore Jesus said: “I and the Father are One” and the Son of God is also saying: “Father is greater than I”. Life of Jesus, his life force all derived from the Father, and in line with that, then the character of Jesus is also identical with the nature of his father. When Jesus faced the woman who proved to adulterers and nearly stoned by the crowd, Jesus came with his father’s character, who does not likes the death of a sinner, but of her conversion.

Character of God the Father of compassion is also owned by Jesus Christ, as a result of his unity with God the Father. To maintain the unity that Jesus is always taking the time to be alone with his father, sometimes he prays all night, only to experience the closeness and unity with His Father. Therefore, Jesus is nothing short of “nutrients” that enabled him to serve people with the great power of God.
If Jesus taught, that his people is a twig, so not as a separate tree or plant, then this one taught us that no person (no a sinful man) can deal directly with God the Father, but through an intermediary, who is Jesus Christ as the true principal vine, and as a twig not only to stick to a stump for a moment and then broke away, but it must continue to attach to and fused with the principal tree, then so do all Christians should be united with Jesus Christ throughout his life as well.
And as the twig wine receives the flow of nutrients from the vine continuously, not just once a week, then we also need to continuously receive a flow of food to the life of our spirit, that we still have the power to maintain our spirit of life, every day, even every hour, every minute, every second.
How can we know whether we are sticking to him, or whether in fact we are experiencing separation with Him?
It can easily be identified with the fruits of the spirit of what we produce, namely the mood we are feeling.
Galatians 5:22,23 already explained about the fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-mastery.
Well, brother, …
Please take time to reflect for a moment, to see the inside of your cup, that is your heart. If there was a sense of peace, then you have the fruit. Imagine also a sudden someone attacks you with a slander, but you sure are not guilty, and you remain calm, do not experience hot heart, but patiently responded to that person, then the fruit of patience and restraint that you produce. If your heart shall rejoice in remembering all the goodness of God, then one more fruit of the spirit you have, the joy (for God) and so on.
Twigs ability to produce fruit is not derived from his hard work alone, but as a result of its alliance with the main tree – from whom it obtained food juice -. And who put the same thing happened, that we produce fruit spirit is not the result of our own business, but as a result of our fellowship with Jesus Christ. The ability to produce fruit spirit will be automatically there, if we are filled with the Holy Spirit.
“Not with strength and courage, but by my Spirit”, saith the Lord.
Jesus said that only people who do the will of His Father are allowed to go to heaven, but who that person is capable of doing the Will of God the Father?
“You will receive a Power of Attorney (also for adherence to the Word) when the Holy Spirit comes upon you”.
Finally, …
Taking the commitment to provide a special time with God, every day, whether it be one hour per day or more, is better than watching television for hours. Fulfilling prophecy of Jesus, to become true worshipers, who worship God in Spirit and Truth, will be better, to learn to direct your heart, mind and concentration we are to God the Father and the Lord Jesus. You can also imagine the Holy Spirit on your side, because the Holy Spirit is your helper ready to become the best teacher for you, even when you’re confused about how to worship God properly, then the Holy Spirit is ready to listen to your complaint. The Holy Spirit is a Person who has the ear with a double capacity, he could hear your vocals, but also could hear the screams of your heart are revealed with tears. Using this well heavenly facility will ensure we can get the victory and can reach the finish line.
God Bless you.

John 10:30 “I and the Father are one.”

John 14:28 “… because I go to my Father, because Father is greater than I am.”

Gal 5:22,23 “… 22 But the fruit of the Spirit are: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness, self-mastery.

Zechariah 4:6 “They discussed it, he said:” This is the word of the LORD to Zerubbabel saying, Not by might and not by power but by My spirit, saith the LORD of God. “

John 1:12 “But all those who receive Him He gave power to become children of God, to those who believe in His name;”

Acts 1:8 “But ye shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and ye shall be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth.”

Notice: This article has been published in my old Sabdaspace in the Indonesian language. Below is a copy of the comments we have received, and we translate into English. My username is “Muji” or “Mujizat”.


@ Mujizat thanks to your blog has blessed me

Billy Chien

Muji: Please take time to reflect for a moment, to see the inside of your cup, that is your heart. If there was a sense of peace, then you have the peace of the fruit. Imagine also if someone was suddenly attacked you with a slander, but you feel sure are not guilty, and you remain calm, do not experience hot heart, but patiently responded to that person, then the fruit of patience and restraint that is within you. If your heart shall rejoice in remembering all the goodness of God, then one more fruit of the spirit you have, the joy (for God) and so on.

Billy: Brother, I became a follower of Jesus since I was a baby and felt repentance and new birth, but I like a man of his word, there is still flesh like saying: the spirit indeed tractable but the flesh is weak, some time yesterday I experienced a period as you say ” vilified “by my own mom and occurs most powerful argument in my lifetime.

I was angry and crying why there was this incident? Why did God let Mom and son fight? Initially I was defensive and try to calm down as you say but how far can I survive? I never heard of the patience of God there is no limit of human patience is limited. When I vent my anger culminated with a hit to the wall as hard as I sprained my hand, why do I do this, because my heart pain pain jamani beat me, after I calmed down, I thought that being patient is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand, need the liter- tears to redeem a patience.

Muji: The ability to produce fruit in terms of branches is not derived from his own hard work, but as a result of its alliance with the main tree – from whom it obtained food juice -. And who put the same thing happened, that the fruits of the spirit that we produce is not the result of our own business, but as a result of our fellowship with Jesus Christ. The ability to produce fruits of the spirit will be there automatically, if we are full of the Holy Spirit.

Billy: EXACTLY! how hard I try the more often I fail and fall again in the same sin (emotion), after I prayed and surrendered to God I can not afford anymore, it turns out God’s heart to bring my mama and a short story after a few hours of conflict eventually we hugged and kissed mama my cheek and apologized.

Like the Lord Jesus blessed me through your writing this, thank you for Muji is no coincidence that you wrote this to strengthen me as a fellow His children, once again thank you, Jesus bless you & me

@Billy Chien, privileges of the new covenant people



The Holy Spirit has prompted me to write this article. I thank God, because you feel blessed by this paper. I also feel blessed by this paper.

I also learned that: that’s privileges people of the New Testament. As the people of the Old Testament, the Israelites journey from Egypt to Canaan really is a miracle, the Lord who gave Israel food during the trip, the Lord who fought for Israel. How wonderful to find the fact that the Lord was very long for closeness with his people, as close as father with his children. GOD always wanted to show his children how much He loves them. I want  to write this reply with big letter. He demanded only faith, and genuine love of Him.

Human effort to be a good person with his own forces have done since ancient times, but the facts show a failure.
Privileged People of the New Testament is this, very simple: Those who believe in His Word, believe and obey (trust n Obey), then the Father will give His own Spirit, who makes every person capable of doing His will.
The death of the people of Israel when the big trip that did not happen because the Lord was not able to give food to them, but self-will and mistrust of Israel that caused God’s anger so many of them have to die lying in the desert.
Any Christian who takes the commitment to love Him with faith and deeds, by continuing to seek His face, the eyes of the LORD will never be separated from that person, SURE!
Faith and love for the Lord to make someone look like a beautiful gem in the eyes of the Lord.

@brother Muji

Billy Chien

Let me call you my brother Muji. Yes,  either read this blog for me “goose bumps” I somehow feel you have a gift I do not know what it is, proof of any I’ve read, or while typing this now, I feel there is a strong aura of you, who are you?


spesial thanks for u, JBU&m

@billyoctora, so do I


Dear Billyoctora, call me by whatever …

Today I was in the anointing of the Holy Spirit, and I know HE was the “mastermind” of all this, that I know of my struggle to hold back the tears that did not come out, understand that being in the office.


mr Muji, bravo…

Billy Chien

Muji: At this time I was in the anointing of the Holy Spirit, and I know HE was the “mastermind” of all this, that I know of my struggle to hold back the tears that did not come out, understand that being in the office.

billy: I swear I did not lie, I crawl into your site sir!

whether because of the anointing you huh?? I honestly feel again this time, the anointing you incredible pack, continue in the Lord, I am sure you will be full of anointing His children, who pray for people with the right motivation, I am sure it will recover.

when writing this reply many times I like having low electrical voltage throughout the body, whether I spoke with someone special like you /..?????? who knows, sir I ask you to pray for me to have peace and happiness of my family … yes sir prayer support. awesome power of the anointing is not limited to space and time

JBU & me

@billy octora, not me, but Him




Holy Spirit “can not be regulated” by humans, but the Father who control Him completely. This afternoon I was absent from the Sabdaspace, because the Holy Spirit to whisper in my heart we shared our hearts content.

I do not hold the guitar, I’ve felt His presence, He touched me, that I will have to do is just sit quietly, just listening to “voices” of the Holy Spirit.

My heart screamed, roared with joy and awe, SURE!

And prayers to all residents of this Klewer Market flowing. God bless Mr. Purnomo, you, and all lovers of the SS. Between one to two hours I was soaking in his presence, until I fell asleep in peace incredible. My eyes were red with tears because of depleted, but I’m satisfied!

I did not do anything, but He is.

Bro Billy was touched by him, just follow. Entered the room, close the door, hugged the pillow bolsters, say anything to God, the rest of the Holy Spirit will do his part (it also likes me to do), and feel the magnitude of His love.

After that you may be surprised, if feels like a new man with new hearts, that’s IT.



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