Father-in-law of mine almost died

The year was 2008, father-in-law of mine quite severe pain, stroke symptoms, time to maturity, if he walks should be being carried, or if he was using the stick itself, the way of long, slow, and waddled like a 100 year old grandfather, although he was only about 70 years. Earlier, father-in-law of mine physically strong enough, can still makes of brick, until one day be tempted to drink a certain herbal medicine which is said to make body strong, uh, actually caused him stroke.

Well, when I visited, conditions of father-in-law of mine bad enough, was taken to the doctor, but have not seen the changes. In the evening came a healer, a psychic to try to cure him. I went to bed. Middle of the night my sister in law and the shaman began to read the “holy verses” a particular religion (Islam), but also did not change the situation. At five o’clock in the morning I was awakened by my daughter, and she said tthat her grandfather had very bad conditions.

“Please Daddy do something, ..” she said.

True also, father-in-law of mine look very pale, his mouth is mute, unable to speak, and his ears were already deaf, his views began to empty. Mother-in-law of mine and sister-in-law of mine had begun to cry, not knowing what must be done.

I pray for wisdom, and I gained wisdom.

I have to heal the ears of father-in-law of mine, and said firmly: “I say unto you, O you spirits caused deaf, I command you in the name of Lord Jesus Christ, go out from this ear, now! Hallelujah, Amen!”

Next I must heal the tongue and mouth. I stared at the mouth of father-in-law of mine, and I also firmly say: “Hey you SPIRITS locking lips of father-in-law of mine, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, release the tongue and lips of father-in-law of mine, NOW! Hallelujah, Amen!.”

Rapidly the face of father-in-law of mine changed color from white gradually became red, his eyes began to open wide. When I asked him something, he can be heard and answered correctly. Six months have passed, and father-in-law of mine remains healthy.

God bless you


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