No need to be prayed for, had prayed by pastors!

A girl, I call Shirley (not her real name), lives in Yogyakarta, has a boyfriend, Hans (not his real name) who lived in Cilacap, Central Java. Once Hans was sick, quite seriously, asked for Shirley to visit him, but for some reason, Shirley did not immediately meet the demands of her lover. Approximately one month after that, this girl heard the news, that Hans had died. Shirley was shocked to hear that. Then she and her family of her parents, they set off towards the town of Cilacap for “mesong” (make a visit of condelence), until Hans buried.

When they are on the way back to this Jokya, Shirley limp, pale as a corpse, and they arrived in Yogyakarta. During those two days, this girl can not eat or drink. Each time to eat / drink and then vomiting. Shepherd of the church, who hold that emphasizes teaching the pronunciation of Yahweh and Joshua Hamashia, has been praying for this girl, but no changes occurred.

Our friend, Mr. Christian, with friends visited this family. Seeing the state of Shirley, Mr. Christian asked for permission to pray, but rejected by the aunt of Shirley.

“No thanks, not have to be prayed , we had prayed yesterday” said Shirley’s aunt.

“Excuse me, please, give me five minutes to pray for Shirley” insisted Mr Christian.

With so forced, aunt Shirley allows Mr. Christian to pray the girl who was laid on the couch. Mr. Christian laid his hands, praying to release the bonds of evil spirits, as well as spiritual bond between Shirley with her former lover who had died. She suddenly shook her hard, her body writhed like a snake, and not how long silent, and opened his eyes.

“What happen, Mr. Christian?” Shirley said.

“Yeah, are you hungry? “Mr. Christian said, laughing broadly.

“Yes sir, I am hungry,” said Shirley.

Soon they prepare for Instant Noodles with egg, and Shirley spend it with gusto. The boy is now red and fresh and cured.

Thank God. This is a true story, proving that the prayer of a righteous man in the right way is very great power.

James 5:15-16

15 And the prayer of faith shall save the sick and the Lord will restore him and if he has sinned, that sin will be forgiven.
16 Therefore confess your sins shall ye one another and pray for one another, that ye may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man, when with a certain prayer, very great power.


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