Anointing manifests an evil spirit

Last week my child do devote tent (camping) in an area in the district of Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia for about three days. My child was appointed by the school in a State school in Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia.

Upon their return from camping, we had a prayer meeting, as usual, we praise, we worship and dissolve in the presence of the Lord, for about an hour be in His presence.

Finished praying, the Holy Spirit said, that my daughter need to be released from many evil spirit that entered her soul while camping. Indeed, our children seem mundane, but her emotions so easy to ride, irritability, and driven to cursing, to say the dirty words, contumely, and others. Did not show signs of evil spirit.

Then we prayed, begging divine authority, the power of the Holy Spirit, the power to cast out  devils.

We laid our  hands on her head, and cast out the evil spirits to come out of my child. My child started coughing a little, starting a small vomiting, and consciousness began to split. Suddenly, she crawled and walked like a pig on debt (boar), and then we kicked out: “Come, spirit boar, get out! In the name of the Lord Jesus!  “And the spirit of wild boar that was out.

He crawled back as he clutched her fingers as a tiger. Then we drive out spirits of tiger. There are many more that we drive out evil spirits, and because the spirits are apparently territorial island of Java, so often we use Java language to go away.

A territorial spirits spoke through the mouth of my child, who with her eyes closed, saying: “You dog, you are all rude. I do not want to go from this kid! “

“Not allowed, you must go from this kid. This is not your place. It belongs to the Lord Jesus. Come out! “We replied.

“I do not want to go. I like to stay here. Ha ha haa, … ” the spirit, laughing.

We took the anointing oil, and then we  apply in face and my child’s ear, saying: “Hey, this is a hot fire, behold, if you do not want to go, we will burn you “Snapped us.

Then we pray, ask for divine authority to use our imaginations. We imagine there was a well in front of a huge fire with flames blazing.

“Oh  Lord, would You like to open the ears and eyes of these evil spirits to see the wells blazing fire that” our prayers again.

The spirit of fear, my child was vomiting a little, and rose out evil spirits. Suddenly my child was fully conscious , and she smiled.

From this incident we can learn, that when we feel that there is something that encourages us to temper, quick to anger, to be easy to hate people, easily hurt feelings, grudges, it indicates the existence of evil spirits in our souls . therefore the deliverance ministry of evil spirits need to be done.

God Bless You.


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