Healing a one ear deaf woman

Around the year 2007,  at that time there was a TRC (Revival Service) in Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia. We start prayed for sick people , some of which healed by God. And there’s a mother, approximately age 60 years, she experienced deaf one ear.

There are four to five people had already pray for that mother, but she has not also recovered. Someone took me to pray for that mother.

I thought for a moment to find out, why the Lord had not healed him. I do not want to become the sixth Prayer that failed.

The Holy Spirit gives wisdom in my heart, ….

I approached the mother, and I asked her: you’re at home live with whom. She replied: I live with my daughter in law.

I explained to the mother, that she must be willing to forgive all people, including women in law, and must be with a willing heart.

Praise God, the mother accepted my advice. I give her time to say to the Lord that he had forgiven everyone, and after that she should ask God for forgiveness.

When she was finished with the forgiveness, I pray for her. I hold a deaf ear, and I firmly said to the deaf spirit residing in the head’s mother: “O you spirit caused this mother deaf, you have heard that this mother has already release forgiveness and asked for God’s forgiveness. Now you are no longer entitled to stay in this ear. Now, in the name of Jesus Christ, I command you to go out of this mother! Hallelujah, Amen! “

A few seconds later the mother told us that his hearing is far better.

Once again, the experience confirms, that the power of the Holy Spirit will work freely to people who released forgiveness and forgiven. Hallelujah!


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